The Barn at Kennedy Farm Difference

Photo by Rogue Image Photography

Considered to be less like a “barn” and more like a “rustic chic” venue, The Barn at Kennedy Farm is an Indianapolis wedding venue that is lavish with both the vintage charm and modern-day conveniences that make events memorable. If you love the nostalgia and intimacy of a country setting for your big day but are hesitant that your big day will not be comfortable; we’ve compiled a list of things that make The Barn at Kennedy Farm different from other rustic, barn, or country venues:

Let’s start with the obvious:  Restroom facilities. No one likes to get all dressed up and have to schlep through a field to a port-o-john. (Especially a bride in the dress of her dreams.) The Barn at Kennedy Farm boasts modern restroom facilities within the venue for guests and an exclusive restroom just for the bride and bridal party members.

Smooth event flow. While many barn venues started as REAL barns, often times the flow of the event is not optimized to handle large guest counts without significant logistical changes to the layout. The Barn at Kennedy Farm was designed to be an event venue, allowing accommodation of  up to 250 guests, indoor and outdoor ceremonies, and the perfect flow to create a seamless environment and timeline on event day. It all equates to sophistication, convenience and comfort, without sacrificing the rustic vibe of exposed wood beams, authentic barn doors, vintage chandeliers, and all of the elements brides and grooms love about country weddings.

You also get use of on-site bride and groom quarters so you can prepare at the venue, if you so choose.

Airflow and heat. Because the barn was designed as an event venue, it was built to support maximum airflow. Large entries on each side of the barn combined with several large, industrial fans foster comfort for guests even on the hottest of summer days. In addition, battens, a heating system and portable heaters make dreamy holiday and winter weddings warm and cozy for your event attendees.

Superior event package inclusions. Event packages at The Barn at Kennedy Farm include way more than typical barn wedding venues. For one, the decor inclusions within your event fee are second-to-none. Choose from countless decor items on the premises from directional and decorative signage, chalkboards, centerpiece bases, arbors, aisle markers, card boxes, decorative benches and chairs for head tables, and so much more. Your package also includes a basic linen package with a variety of color choices and a 12-hour window of time for your event prep and actual event.  (No rush – you are the only wedding/event we will host on that day.) Maximize your wedding day budget and save literally hundreds on decor that is both expensive, and more challenging to set up/tear down during the day of your event.

Get the intimate attention of a family owned and operated;  yet the white-glove service of a large-scale hotel venue.  Book with The Barn at Kennedy Farm and get a professional, designated wedding coordinator to help you with all of the details of your event. From initial planning, to vendor referrals, to event layout and assisting you in both practices as well as the big day nuptials, your coordinator will make your wedding planning experience seamless.

Customization options. At The Barn at Kennedy Farm, we can provide you with solid referrals, but there are no exclusive vendors. This means that you get to do things YOUR way by bringing in anyone you prefer to cater, DJ, photograph your big day. Generally, venues who offer only exclusive vendors are getting a cut from vendor products/services sold. Opening up your vendor options to whomever you choose (especially in the catering department) can save you hundreds in “unseen” fees paid to the venue by the exclusive vendors.

While we can TELL you about the difference, we encourage you to come see the difference for yourself. Reach out to us and schedule a tour HERE. We will get back with you ASAP as we share in your excitement!